Fer & Camilo – Blue Venado

Fer & Camilo

The amazing Mayan ceremony for bringing the soul together of this beautiful couple in a nice evening of October 2018.!

Every single detail was planning with Fer and Sofia from Blue Venado, we really pay attention in every moment of the wedding an the experience that we wanted for the guest to feel.

Fresh coconuts, a Super Gin bar with drinks created by the groom and Bride with a previous tasting with Sofia.

Amazing Night, with a 3 Times course and a midnight meal, the night was full of stars and the lighting inside the reception was really a dream.

We used hanging bubbles in the celling along with a combination of rounded tables and square tables, each one with a different centerpiece.

Photos by That Moment Photo

Blue Venado Team thanks you for your trust and wishes you a long life together.

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