Shoes, shoes and shoes! – Destination Wedding at Blue Venado
Shoes, there are all kind of shoes, heels, boots, wedge...

Shoes, there are all kind of shoes, heels, boots, wedge heels and sneakers!

But what kind of shoe would you were on your wedding day? Let’s begin by saying that heels are a real crime, someone who can walk on high stiletto heels for a whole day I would consider as a superhero. Like the saying says “No pain, no gain” 

I guess every woman on their wedding day wants to wear a beautiful wedding dress, the perfect make-up and hair-do and of course the perfect pair of SHOES!

What is the perfect wedding shoe?

As a destinations wedding company we are talking about the perfect shoe for a beach wedding. Have you ever tried to walk with your heals on sand?? Yeah thats what I thought, tried it once but after two steps I continued barefoot…!

But who wants to leave their pretty Louboutins or Jimmy Choo at home because they need to walk on sand? NO ONE!! Thats why we found the perfect solution and we are already in love with it!

Say hi to GET CATT, this is a tool that every woman NEEDS in their closet.

This piece of awesomeness it THE tool that helps you walk on heels on difficult grounds. They will help you stabilize and your heel cannot sink in to the earth any more!


Who does it work?

It is really simple, just put your heel in to the get Catt and walk! You will not have any more problems walking on the beach with you beautiful babies!