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What is the perfect wedding dress for you? If you...

What is the perfect wedding dress for you?

If you are getting married with you beloved fiancee, there are a few points that are really important.

Everyone knows that they should first pick the wedding date and the venue! After cracking your brain because you don’t know who to invite and who not, the bride should start thinking about what kind of dress she would like to wear at the special day.

What wedding dress suits your body type best?

In the picture beneath you will see four different body types, which one are you?

Depending on your body type you can find your perfect wedding dress more easily.

When we take a look at the different types of wedding dresses we can make six categories

The ball gown

The ball gown is for most women the wedding dress they have always dreamed of when they were little. It makes you feel like a princess. The ball gown is a wedding dress that fits tight on the upper body and dramatically wide on the but and legs. This dress is a good choice for every body type. (ALL body types)

The sheath gown

This style fits the body closely and will show the contours. This dress is quite similar to the mermaid dress and will help petite brides make a taller appearance. (BANANA)

The a-line gown

The a-line gown is the perfect dress for all and every occasion. They style of the dress and the way it fits to your body resembles a bit like the outline of an A, which declares the name. (ALL)

The mermaid

This type of dress silhouettes your body from chest to knee and then flares out. It is a sexy dress that highlights every gorgeous curve you have. Note, to be able to wear this dress you should feel really confident and comfortable to pull of this look. The mermaid is not a look for everyone!! (HOURGLASS)

The trumpet

The trumpet style is similar to the mermaid style. Luckily for us the trumpet is way easier to wear because the silhouette isn’t as tight as the mermaid. (HOURGLASS)

The empire line gown

The dress is called the empire because of the high waste line. This style is perfect for brides with a smaller chest because the attention is drawn to the neck. Due to the high waste line it covers almost everything you would like to cover therefor this dress is popular by pregnant brides. (PEAR)

We hope that you will find your perfect wedding dress and got to use our tips!