Activities in Mexico – Destination Wedding at Blue Venado
What kind of activities does Mexico provide to give you...

What kind of activities does Mexico provide to give you and your guests the best days of their life?

We can imagine that you would like to start your marriage by doing a lot of fun and exciting things together! Therefore, we would like to tell you some more about the following activities in Quintana Roo.

To begin with the amazing parcs and activities

Chitzen Itza

Chitzen Itza is a must see when you are in Mexico. Did you know it is one of the seven world wonders? Chitzen Itza are the old ruins made by the Mayan culture before Christ’s. You can either rent a car and go by yourself or you can go on an excursion and they will bring you by bus!


Go on an excursion to Cozumel, it is said to be one of the best diving locations in Mexico and perhaps even of the world. Take the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel and enjoy a day full of underwater wonders and amazing beaches.


You can find cenotes all over Mexico. Cenotes are underwater caves/sink holes and can be open or closed. In most them you are able to swim/snorkel in the cenote, this is an amazing experience. The cenote closest to Playa del Carmen is Chaak Tun.

Rio Secreto

This is and experience of your life…! Like the name of the river reveals it, it is a secret river, an underwater river to be precise. Once you are here you can swim between the stalactites!!  Rio secret is a centuries old cave with Cristal clear water and will give you memories that you will keep for the rest of your life!!