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Private venues

Have you heard about having a wedding OFF Resort? Having people around you in your wedding day!? We tought love should be a memorable day for you and for the people you have decide to be around.

We are focus on providing a private magic senario that will blow everyones mind…!

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Wedding Designers

Our Team of Wedding Designers is certificated from Wedding Beautiful World Wide, and the government of Riviera Maya and Cozumel Destination Wedding Planners that guide you to the best path according to your feelings and needs. To make your wedding a memorable day full of joy and happiness.

Love is all that matters!

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We understand eating out of home can seam .Only the best quality products that we use in our Gourmet Food, we rock our guest with and enjoyable service experience, even if you are out the resort you get the “pimp” experience

Combine our Wedding Venue + Catering Experience.

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Other services

We also help you with everything you may need for you or your guests: transportation, lodging, make-up and hairdressing services, photography, tours and excursions, decoration, and much more!

You will not have to worry about anything…just to enjoy!!

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Why choose us


Our wedding planners provide upstanding services from designing your wedding helping you to find from beach weddings to jungle weddings 100% private, get a romantic wedding. Our Event planners and coordinators with the certificated wedding specialist by weddings beautiful world wide, and Destination wedding specialist certificated by the Riviera Maya and Cozumel government. In the last years we had made more than 600 couples happy giving them their dream wedding, from civil marriage, symbolic or Mayan Ceremonies, not matter what your preference are your Destination weddings won’t be ward working together with a team of experts planning the event for the A to the Z . Lets us plan your wedding trip in a tropical paradise.

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