Foto Flip
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Foto Flip

We are so glad to introduce you FotoFLIP, an original way of making your event more fun and to give your guests a memory motion.

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How come?

We assemble a space of 4m x 4m in your event where your guests record a video of 7 seconds and only 90 seconds after, your video is produced into a personalized book of fotos = FotoFLIP.

FotoFLIP : An animated flipbook of 60 secuential pictures.

READY, CAMERA, ACTION! From video to FotoFLIP in only 90 seconds

What can be customized in the fotoflip (flip book)?

– Fotoflip’s covers

– Overlay Logo: Your logo on the 60 pages of the fotoflip in the lower right corner.

– Facebook / Twitter: Set the text of the post with # “Hashtags” to measure the campaign and customize the background of the page with your brand or picture.


If you want more information, please

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