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After choosing the venue, comes picking the food, food &...

After choosing the venue, comes picking the food, food & food

When a couple finally  choose  which venue they want to get married at, the next step in planning their wedding is… you can guess it already I think. Yeah FOOD!!!

If we go a few years back in to the time, you’ll see that the bride and the groom actually had two choices: A sit-down dinner or a buffet.  Now a days it’s way more complicated. You can choose of a sit-down dinner, buffet, family style dinners, mini food stations and cocktail-style reception…!

Let’s start with canapés

Canapés are small bites which are normally given to the guests after the ceremony or when arriving to the dining/party venue!♥

There are no strict rules of what a canapé should tast or look like, though they have to be really nice to eat! Most couples  choose for a salty canapé instead of a sweet one.

Here are some canapés inspiration ideas:

Buffet or sit-down style?

The question of what style is best for your wedding can only be answered by you♥

What we can do for you is explain both styles to you to make sure you make the right decision!!

A WEDDING buffet is simply said; the chosen food of the menu spread over long tables and stations. Guest can chose for themselves what the like to eat and the amount of it. Most of the time, waiters will stand behind the buffet to make your plate, but this isn’t always the case.

A SIT-DOWN WEDDING DINNER of course, consists of several plated courses served to your seated wedding guests. You select from a first course, perhaps a soup, salad, entrée, perhaps an intermezzo, and each course is brought to your guests’ tables, with friendly, experienced wedding servers bringing guests the entrees they desire.

Please take a look at our website and find out what kind of delicious canapés and menus we offer!!♥♥