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Destination Wedding in Italy


Get Married in Tuscany, Rome, Piedmont…

Why wed in Italy? The question is not why you should go to Italy, the birthplace of the phrase la dolce vita (the sweet life), but where in this country of art, ancient history, ethereal vistas, top-notch cuisine, and abundant wine (Italy leads the world with more than four million acres of vineyards) is the ideal destination for you. We arranging civil and religious weddings in Italy, We design and coordinate ceremonies, receptions and related events in the most beautiful Italian villas, castles, palaces, churches, gardens, beaches all throughout Italy. We organize Legal, Catholic, Jewish, all Protestant denominations, Orthodox, and symbolic ceremonies. We offer our clients wedding ceremonies in private locations with instant legal validity which keeps the unique charm of the moment untouched as well as gives you the chance to have the ceremony where and when you like it and have the wording, the music and the length you want.

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